Perspective – A Batman inspired light source

This project is the end result of an amazing lighting design workshop I attended.

The task was to pick a character and design a light for it or inspired by it.
I chose Batman.
This light is intended for his bat-cave (it is mounted inside the wall) and it is inspired by the gothic “dark-nouvo” art style of the comic books.
The name Perspective comes from the shape of the stealth-like lines but also deepens its meaning considering the game of light and shadow that emerges from the slopes and looks at the phoenomena of darkness rising out of light as opposed (and yet consistent) to batman who is the light rising out of darkness, all in all going back to the artistic style of batman that used very little white on huge  black backgrounds only to reveal the dark knight hiding in the shadows…
This modern, minimalistic,  light is a rectangular 50x50x5 cm formed of metal sheets and oven painted. It consists of two hidden LED stripes and is mounted inside the wall\ceiling
At the exhibition in a high profile lighting store
original sketch and concept
And now for a comic break… (by me)
Always be yourself.
Unless you can be batman, then always be batman!

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