Star Wars Lighting

With a minimalist style, designed to look like something you’d put at home, while delicately catching the essence of the origin, these lighting fixtures are all inspired from Star Wars movies.

Having that Scandinavian style, They are presented as pages in a Swedish catalog. The names remind the origin but converted to resemble Swedish and for credibility, paragraphs were added in google-translated Swedish with content from the original character’s Wikipedia page.



Eventually, I decided to launch them as an April’s fools day prank so I created a web page that tells a wacky story about the discovery of these lamps as if they were the original inspiration for the movie characters…[check it out here]


57 thoughts on “Star Wars Lighting

  1. Hey guys, thanks for all your kind words.
    Unfortunately, currently these beauties aren’t for sale.

  2. Hi Danielle, thank you for writing (and for requesting permission).
    You may certainly make use of the images as long as you keep the credits as you stated yourself.
    Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance.

  3. Hello Eyal, my name is Niklas Hagenbeck and I am working on the publishing team of the online magazine
    We would like to feature your lamps in one of our articles. Having read the above statements I assume that we are allowed to use your pictures, given that we also state the correct credits.

    If you have any concerns you can contact me via e-mail. (

  4. Hi, Niklas,
    With pleasure.
    Contact me if you need anything else.
    Best regards,

  5. Hallo my soon apreciated very much your lights were can i buy this thanks in advanve

  6. Hallo my soon apreciated very much your lights were can i buy this (Fett) thanks in advanve

  7. Hi Claudine,
    Thanks for your message, I am flattered he liked it and glad I made him smile. I hope not to dissapoint him too much but the lights are still not for sale. I am looking for a company to help me produce this project… Hope I will have a chance to make him happy…

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